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How it works.

01 Complete the form, and we’ll be in touch to verify your shipping details.

02 Experiment for 30 days on a risk-free trial.

03 Use the FREE lessons and resources on the Hub with your students to explore how STEM can come alive!

04 When you’re ready, use the prepaid return label to return your Cubelets.

Terms and Conditions: Cubelets review kits are intended for Educational purposes only and are not available to resellers or consumers. This product is being loaned to you for trial purposes only. If the product is not returned within 60 days of receipt, Modular Robotics has the right to invoice your organization for the full amount of the kit. Payment will be expected within 30 days of invoice. The Review Kits are only available to educators in the United States and Canada. For shipping to Canada, educators should contact directly.