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Cubelets Blockly Tutorials


Welcome to the Cubelets Blockly Tutorials! These step-by-step instructions are designed to teach you the basics of programming with Cubelets® robot blocks. There are 14 total exercises you can complete that will teach you about variables, timing, loops, conditionals and more. Before you begin be sure to download your free copy of Cubelets Blockly.

We’ve grouped the tutorials into several batches. Some batches use the same robot design throughout, others will have a few different robots, but will focus on a particular programming concept. We recommend completing all the tutorials in each batch at the same time.

We hope you enjoy programming your Cubelets with Cubelets Blockly! We can’t wait to see what you create!

To complete these 14 tutorials, you will need the following Cubelets:


Start Here:
  1. Start HERE! Your first programmed robot
  2. Tutorial #1: A simple 1-line robot
  3. Tutorial #2: Adding parts
Timing Tutorials:
  1. Tutorial #3: Blinky
  2. Tutorial #4: Blinky Remix
  3. Tutorial #5: Random wandering
  1. Tutorial #6: Back that robot up
  2. Tutorial #7: One step forward, one step back
  3. Tutorial #8: Braitenblocks
  4. Tutorial #9: Countdown to power down
  1. Tutorial #10: Baseline
  2. Tutorial #11: LO 10.29.1969
  3. Tutorial #12: One thing leads to another
  4. Tutorial #13: Rules + parts = behavior