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Grades 1–3 Lesson Plan Bundle:


The Cubelets Lesson Plan Bundle: Launchpad edition is a specially-curated collection of Cubelets lessons, resources, and more. Designed to help educators easily integrate Cubelets into their classrooms, the Lesson Plan Bundle is the perfect addition to any Cubelets education pack. It includes a grade-specific Lessons and Resources book full of standards-aligned lessons, best practices, classroom management tips, and blackline masters. You’ll also find a pack of Cubelets Activity Cards, flashlights to support six learning groups, Cubelets magnets, and a poster to inspire your students’ robot-building imaginations.


What’s inside the book?


Take a peek inside!

  • Educator resource hub & social connections.
  • Love note to educators.
  • Your first robot.
  • Learn more about Cubelets.
  • About the Inquiry Framework.
  • Cubelets catalog.
  • Letter to parents.
  • Maintenance & support.
  • Routines to establish.
  • Classroom management.
  • Standards.
  • Scope & sequence.
  • Lesson plans.
  • Blackline masters.

Cubelets Inquiry Framework.


Cubelets lessons use our version of an Inquiry Framework. Each lesson is divided into the sections shown in the diagram, plus an overview and a classroom prep section.

Cubelets Lesson Plans.

Get prepared before class with helpful setup tips, required materials, vocabulary, and more.

Sequenced steps, resources, and instructions make planning simple.

Ramp it up or slow it down with Interventions and Extensions for every lesson plan.


Cubelets lesson plans are written to align with a variety of standards to help make planning easier. Each book includes a helpful grid to identify where lesson plans align with:

  • ISTE
  • Common Core
  • NGSS
  • CSK12 Computer Science

Scope & Sequence.


Each Lessons and Resources book includes 13 standards-aligned lessons that follow a natural progression from robotics basics to more advanced activities.