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Cubelets Robot Recipes

There are thousands and thousands of possible robots to build with Cubelets. Sometimes builders need a little inspiration to get started, so we’ve assembled a few of our favorites for you to build. If you have a favorite design, share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #Cubelets, and we might add your creation to the list!.

Cubelets Getting Started Guide

New to Cubelets? Visit the Cubelets Getting Started Guide to learn helpful tips and other useful information about Cubelets Robot Blocks!

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Can't wait to play? There's a 5-minute video version to jumpstart your creative potential!
Irritable Ibex

The Irritable Ibex constantly looks for danger and is always on the move. If it senses something approaching from behind, it speeds up to avoid its pursuer.

Whirly Noggin

The Whirly Noggin comes equipped with the latest in head-spinning technology. Guide this odd creation with a steady hand behind the Distance Sensors.
Following Frederick

This vaguely humanoid robot will follow whatever its Distance Sensors detect. Should it get dark, Frederick will shine bright to light the way.

Edge Racer

Many edge-sensing robots are slow, but the Edge Racer lives dangerously. It drives quickly across surfaces until it senses an edge. You MUST to trust your design, or your guiding efforts to catch it may inadvertently send it over the edge! We recommend that you try this robot above a soft surface first.

To ensure proper robot behavior, please note the Distance Sensor orientation.

Sporadic Light Sailor

Sailboats move thanks to the power of the wind. The Sporadic Light Sailor uses light to power its Drive Cubelets. Experiment with different levels of light in your room to see how the Sporadic Light Sailor changes its pace.