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Paper-Football Bot!

By: Sam Nesmith

Bored at work? School getting you down? Need a break? Paper football is the answer! But why play regular paper football (so outdated) when you could play paper football with robots? Using a couple Cubelets, a sheet of paper, and a mounting apparatus, you can make this awesome moving field goal! You can refine your paper football skills using the the three levels of the game offered in the included programing, or if you're a real paper football savant, you can program in even harder levels! All of the code for each individual block is included and named for the block it programs. When programing each of the blocks, be sure to use your personal block ID's! If you are having trouble with your robot switching states, considering changing the input threshold of the Distance Cubelets as ambient light can make a difference. Happy building!

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Cubelets Twelve
Cubelets Twenty

Required Programs:

See the robot description to figure out which Cubelets need a custom program. Click on the link to download.
Cubelets Blockly File

pf drive.cubelet

Cubelets Blockly File

pf rotate.cubelet

Cubelets Blockly File

pf light.cubelet

Cubelets Blockly File

pf sense.cubelet