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Unit Implementation Guide

Looking for some “Nuts n Bolts” support in using Cubelets? This Implementation Guide has useful Tips and Tricks for teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators!

You’ll find classroom look-fors, a Cubelets skills progression, questions to ask students while they work, and some inspiration for how to group the Cubelets in your specific EduPack.

We’re constantly adding new and useful tools to this page based on the questions and feedback we receive from you so if there’s something missing here, email so we can continue to add to our collection!

Click the buttons below to view each aspect of the implementation guide.

Teacher Guide
Information for teachers.
Administrator Guide
Information for administrators.

Teacher Implementation Guide

All Pack Documents

Administrator Look-fors

Questions to Ask Students

Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring Tracker

Best Practices

Standards Alignment Spreadsheet

Student Troubleshooting Poster

Activity Card Stations

Mini Makers Documents

Mini Makers Inventory

Ways to Group Cubelets

Mini Makers Packing Reference Guide

Creative Constructors Documents

Creative Constructors Inventory

Ways to Group Cubelets

Creative Constructors (and PLUS) Packing Reference Guide

Inspired Inventors Documents

Inspired Inventors Inventory

Ways to Group Cubelets

Inspired Inventors Packing Reference Guide

Brilliant Builder Documents

Brilliant Builder Packing Reference Guide

Administrator Implementation Guide

Progress Monitoring

Standards Alignment Spreadsheet

Administrator Look-fors

Best Practices

Product Pricing and Ordering