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Cubelets Workshops

Professional Learning and Development

Get more out of your Cubelets investment with Cubelets Workshops. Workshops are customized professional learning sessions designed to meet the goals of your organization. Earn credit hours and better align Cubelets to meet your needs with Cubelets Workshops.

There are four types of Workshops available. They range from full-day trainings to hourly webinars, making it easy to integrate into your schedule. We can cover almost any topic you’d like but here are four of our most popular training requests:

Cubelets 101:

Designed for organizations which just received Cubelets, this is a training designed for an audience of teachers to introduce the basics of Cubelets.

  • Introduction to SENSE, THINK, ACT
  • Classroom ideas
  • Caring for Cubelets
  • Available resources and support

Designed for organizations which just received Cubelets, this is a training designed for an audience of instructional leaders to introduce the basics of Cubelets in a format they can replicate when they train their teachers. Includes the same content as Cubelets 101 in addition to a reflection on anticipated training questions and limitations.

Introducing Lesson Plans:

Designed for organizations which already understand how Cubelets work but are uncomfortable jumping into lesson plans without further support. This training is designed for a mixed audience of teachers, instructional leaders, an others who are teaching similar grade bands. It is a deep-dive into combining the Meet Your Cubelets unit with Grab Bag lessons or mini-units based on which standards need to be addressed.


Designed for organizations which have already tried Cubelets with their students, this mixed-audience workshop is an opportunity to collaborate, brainstorm, and plan creative new implementations for a specific site. This is a dialogue based on supporting the specific site in the revision of their implementation plans.

For pricing or to customize a workshop to meet your needs, submit a request for contact below.

Cubelets Online Workshops

BETA Version

Designed for educators without the time for one of our in-person Cubelets Workshops, these new, self-paced online courses offer some of the same great content. These workshops are in beta, meaning your feedback is an important part of our improvement process. If you have comments that don’t fit in the feedback form at the end of the course, you can email Educational Designer, Emily Eissenberg at