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Cubelets Maintenance

Cubelets are durable little robot blocks that don’t need too much looking after. There are a few steps you can take to keep your set ready for action, especially if they’ve been in storage for a long time or have had lots of sticky hands playing with them:

You can use disinfectant wipes to clean your Cubelets. A little isopropyl alcohol can also clean off any grease or grime.

  • Do not wipe down Battery Cubelets that are powered on or Cubelets that are attached to a powered on robot construction.
  • Use a damp, not wet, cloth or wipe to clean Cubelets. Excess moisture may damage a block’s electronic components.
  • Focus on the connecting sides to ensure that nothing is stuck to the magnets.
  • Do not spray water directly on the Cubelet.
  • Allow the Cubelets to dry before connecting any of them to the Battery Cubelet to build your next robot.

Check for fibers or hair in the Drive Cubelet’s wheel wells.

  • Gently roll the wheels back and forth with your hand to see if anything is caught up in the wheel wells.
  • We recommend using Drive Cubelets on hard surfaces. Avoid carpets and areas with dirt.

Check the lenses of your Distance Cubelets for debris or excess film. They should be nice and shiny!

  • If they’re dirty, you can take a microfiber cloth and twist it around on the lens.

Occasionally you may find a screw that holds the two Cubelet halves together has come loose. These can be tightened with a miniature Phillips screwdriver. If several have come loose or some are missing, please contact

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