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Cubelets One Year Warranty – International Customers

Our Cubelet and MOSS products are under warranty for one year from your purchase date, regardless of whether you buy directly from us or from one of our verified resellers. Please note that our warranty does not cover products that were purchased secondhand, which includes 3rd Party Amazon Sellers unaffiliated with a supported vendor as well as eBay sales. We also do not offer a refurbishment program for products that are no longer covered by our one-year warranty.

We don’t require international customers to send back nonworking product to receive a replacement. To begin a warranty request, please contact with your proof of purchase and a short explanation of how your item is not working. Please do not attempt to dismantle your Cubelets blocks. Doing so will void your warranty. If we’re unable to help you get it working at home, then we can send a replacement directly to you!

If you purchased from one of our international resellers, it may be quicker for them to replace the product, especially if they are in the same country as you. Send them your proof of purchase and ask if they can replace the item for you. The reseller can then contact us to be credited for the item.

If you do need to have it replaced through us, Modular Robotics describes each replacement block as a “Free Warranty Replacement” on the commercial invoice. We have found that this way of describing warranty contents has the greatest chance of not incurring additional charges, but we can not guarantee that this will be the case. Depending on the Customs and Import regulations in your country, you may be charged duties or fees on your Warranty Replacements.

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