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Cubelets Purchased Before April 2016

If your Cubelets robot blocks were purchased between April 2013 and November 2015 and you have not yet updated to the Cubelets OS 4.3 operating system, your Cubelets will need to be updated using a Bluetooth Cubelet and the Cubelets Updater App to be compatible with Cubelets purchased after November 2015.  The Cubelets Updater App only functions to update Cubelets to OS 4.3 from the OS 3 platform. If you do not have a Bluetooth Cubelet and would like to borrow one for the update, please contact us at

Update to OS 4.3 from OS 3
(Cubelets purchased between April 2013 and November 2015)
Download the Cubelets Updater App for iOS
Download the Cubelets Updater App for Android

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The Cubelets App (red/orange icon) and the Bluetooth Hat are not able to perform the OS 4.3 update from the OS 3 platform (Cubelets purchased before November 2015).  Cubelets on the OS 3 platform will not appear in the regular Cubelets App and are incompatible with Cubelets running OS 4.3.

The Cubelets App can be used to reset or update ALL Cubelets purchased after November 2015 that are running Cubelets OS 4.1 or OS 4.3 software.

Cubelets purchased between November 2015 and April 2016:
OS 4.1 Software Bug Troubleshooting

Between November 2015 and April 2016, Cubelets purchased came pre-loaded with OS 4.0.1, the earliest version release of Cubelets OS 4. This early software version was found to contain a bug that can occasionally cause microcontroller corruption in individual Cubelets, resulting in a solid green LED and no functionality when connected to the Battery Cubelet.

Updating Cubelets running the OS 4.1 version to OS 4.3 or higher will prevent this software bug from damaging your Cubelets. To update Cubelets from OS 4.1 to OS 4.3, use the Cubelets App (red/orange icon).

Update to OS 4.3 from OS 4.1
(Cubelets purchased between November 2015 and April 2016)

Download the Cubelets App for iOS
Download the Cubelets App for Android

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If you aren’t sure if your Cubelets are in need of an update to OS 4, have purchased Cubelets before April 2013, or have encountered an issue using the Cubelets Updater App, please contact our support team at

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