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Modular Robotics Privacy Policy and Location Services

Modular Robotics respects the privacy of internet users and does not collect personally identifying information without the user’s permission. We do not sell or exchange email addresses with third parties, and your credit card information and other data that are given while ordering are guarded with the highest levels of security and confidentiality. See our full Privacy Policy here.

Secure Shopping

The information for all orders placed on our site is encrypted using SSL technology, so your transactions are completely protected. With SSL in place for both the client and the server, the information sent via the Internet will arrive in an SSL-enabled browser. Most browsers today are equipped with SSL. To be sure your connection is secure when filling out the order form, simply check for the padlock icon in the bottom border of your browser window when viewing the order form itself. The icon should be visible and show the lock in the locked position. Note: Email is not encrypted and is not a secure means of sending credit card information. Please place all orders through the order form.

Your Privacy Online

While browsing our website, placing orders, or using any of our software applications (including Desktop applications and iOS/Android mobile applications) we may collect anonymous product usage data. Anonymous data is used to provide product support, improve our products and services, and for similar activities that support our internal operations.

Information provided while placing an order will be handled according to the policy in effect at the time of the order. From time to time we may change our policies, and any such changes will be reflected in these policy statements. Concerned customers should review these statements for changes when revisiting the site.

Enabling Location Services to use the Cubelets App on Android

In all versions of Android OS since Android Marshmallow (6.0), Location Services permissions are required to successfully scan for nearby Bluetooth LE devices. Modular Robotics will never view, collect, or use your device location even if you agree to these permissions.

Google Issue Tracker

Android 6.0 Changes

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