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Huck Tank

A Huck Gee and Modular Robotics collaboration


Limited Edition MOSS kit. Only 43 remaining.
This is art, not a toy: Ages 18+.

The MOSS Huck Tank

The world’s most amazing robot construction kit, in full Shogun livery! The HUCK TANK is a limited edition collaboration between Modular Robotics and Huck Gee. Created to commemorate the launch of MOSS, only 186 tanks were ever made! The Huck Tank is the only MOSS kit to contain the foam dart cannon; shoot foam darts remotely using the Huck Tank app on your mobile device. These tanks were made in our Boulder, CO factory — we even printed each tank individually in house.

Pilot and Play

The Huck Tank works in both Remote Control and Autopilot modes, and you use the app to switch between modes. Control your Huck Tank by using the joystick to navigate, the slider to adjust the turret, and the BOOM button to fire your cannon. Engage the Autopilot and your Tank will seek targets while avoiding obstacles. Clap your hands once to stop, twice to fire and three times to shutdown.

Remix and Invent

Your Huck Tank is more than a beautiful, awesome piece of collectable robot art. You can remix your blocks to create new robots! Visit our robot recipes for inspiration or use the getting started guide to learn more. Instead of face colors, the Huck Tank face symbols guide your construction. They function just the same as regular MOSS faces without the smorgasbord of aesthetic coloring.


Huck Gee is a contemporary artist, illustrator, designer and toy maker based in San Francisco, California. Huck is a driving force in the world of ‘Art Toys’ and is known for crafting small runs of handmade figures that sell out instantly online to a global clientele. Huck’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, and he has a design in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. In addition, he has journeyed on numerous international signing tours and has had his art published in an ungodly amount of books and magazines.

MOSS Huck Tank App for iOS and Android

Download Huck Tank App.

When assembled, the Huck Tank becomes a smart-phone control robot that can fire foam darts from the unique Shooty Block.

Download the MOSS Huck Tank app to remotely operate your tank with DRIVE mode. Use the mystical orb to steer your Huck Tank, the turret to aim your spongy munitions, and fire with the BOOM button! Switch to AUTOPILOT mode to run an automated hunting program that navigates around obstacles and fires when the Mic Sensor detects a “double-clap.”

Download now for your mobile device:

Assembling the Huck Tank

Do you have a Huck Tank? This is the fun part. It’s easy to snap the Tank pieces together using the magnets and steel spheres, but it’s going to take a little while. Many of the parts look similar, and the construction will be fragile as you put it together. Have fun! Please note that the Pivot Block should not be manually adjusted. Forcing a change of angle manually may break your pivot block.

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