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Cubelets Inspired
Inventors Pack

The largest Cubelets set, this combination is perfect for makerspaces, libraries, museums, classrooms, and all educators who know students can’t get enough of Cubelets. Designed for individual learners and groups alike, everyone has a chance for in-depth exploration of robotics, STEM, and computational thinking. Up to six groups can utilize the Bluetooth® Hat to explore computational thinking and coding using the free Cubelets Apps.

Designed to support six or twelve groups of learners, this pack includes 156 Cubelets: 12 Battery, 12 Passive, 12 Inverse, 12 Blocker, 12 Distance, 12 Brightness, 12 Knob, 12 Drive, 12 Flashlight, 12 Rotate, 6 Bar Graph, 6 Minimum, 6 Maximum, 6 Speaker, 6 Threshold, and 6 Temperature. Plus: 6 Bluetooth Hats, 48 Brick Adapters (12 sets of 4), 2 5-Port Chargers, 10 Charging Cables, and 2 Storage Totes.

Learn how to scaffold students from default Cubelets into coding with Cubelets in this #CubeletsChat blog post!

Price includes over 20% in educator discounts.

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What’s included…

Group Option 1

Six Student Groups
Each with 26 Cubelets
And one Bluetooth Hat

  • 2 x Brightness Cubelets
  • 2 x Distance Cubelets
  • 2 x Knob Cubelets
  • 1 x Temperature Cubelet
  • 1 x Bar Graph Cubelet
  • 2 x Drive Cubelets
  • 2 x Flashlight Cubelets
  • 2 x Rotate Cubelets
  • 1 x Speaker Cubelet
  • 2 x Battery Cubelets
  • 2 x Blocker Cubelets
  • 1 x Bluetooth Hat
  • 2 x Passive Cubelets
  • 2 x Inverse Cubelets
  • 1 x Maximum Cubelet
  • 1 x Minimum Cubelet
  • 1 x Threshold Cubelet
  • 4 x Brick Adapters
    • 2 x “Studs”
    • 2 x “Sockets”


Divide the pack even further…

Group Option 2

Twelve Student Groups,
each with 10 Cubelets

  • 1 x Brightness Cubelet
  • 1 x Distance Cubelet
  • 1 x Knob Cubelet
  • 1 x Drive Cubelet
  • 1 x Flashlight Cubelet
  • 1 x Rotate Cubelet
  • 1 x Battery Cubelet
  • 1 x Blocker Cubelet
  • 1 x Passive Cubelet
  • 1 x Inverse Cubelet
  • 2 x Brick Adapters
    • 1 x “Studs”
    • 1 x “Sockets”

Option 2 allows for 36 Cubelets
and six Bluetooth Hats
to share or experiment with

  • 6 x Temperature Cubelets
  • 6 x Bar Graph Cubelets
  • 6 x Bluetooth Hats
  • 6 x Speaker Cubelets
  • 6 x Maximum Cubelets
  • 6 x Minimum Cubelets
  • 6 x Threshold Cubelets

Inspired Inventors also includes
these educator essentials

  • 2 x 5-Port Chargers
    • For easy charging of multiple Battery Cubelets.
  • 2 x Cubelets Containers
    • For durable storage and transport.
  • Storage and packing guide.

Cubelets Inspired
Inventors Pack

  • Includes 156 Cubelets robot blocks
    • Supporting 6 or 12 groups of learners
  • Ultimate tool for design, robotics and STEM integration
    • Perfect for teaching computational thinking and tactile coding
  • Designed for Pre-K through 12 learners
    • The most complete Cubelets experience

Price includes over 20% in educator discounts.

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