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MOSS Dashboard

Remote control MOSS like a pro with 5 unique dashboards! Each dashboard contains a different group of controls, like a joystick, gamepad buttons, and tilt sensors, designed to make remote controlling your custom MOSS robots a breeze.

MOSS Control

MOSS Control is a two-way remote control app. It has eight sliders; one for each face on the Bluetooth MOSS module. Set some to output and remote control your robot! Set some to input and watch your robot’s sensor values change in real time on your mobile device.

MOSS Sketch

MOSS Sketch lets your robot draw! Select a couple of your MOSS robot’s sensors to control the drawing cursor on your mobile device, and watch your robot draw in interesting new ways. You could replicate an Etch-a-Sketch® with two Knob Modules, or use Distance Modules and watch your robot draw as it navigates around the kitchen.

Bluetooth Help Guide

Need help connecting your MOSS Brain Block to your iOS or Android device using Bluetooth? Or want to learn about how Bluetooth works with apps? Visit the Bluetooth Help Guide for step-by-step instructions for using Bluetooth.

Read Bluetooth Help Guide