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Meet Your Cubelets Units

The Meet Your Cubelets Units are designed to introduce you and your students to the basic functions of Cubelets. Each age-specific unit is a progression of lessons designed in a student-centered, inquiry-based model.

Lesson plans also include links to helpful graphic organizers, step-by-step instructions, and a list of which Cubelets each student group will need. You’ll be surprised how quickly your students figure out this computational thinking tool – and with these lesson plans, you can hop in tomorrow! Click the buttons below to view the appropriate Scope & Sequence for your grade level. Click here to view the Implementation Guide.

Pre-K & K

28 x 30 minute lessons.

Grades 1-3

10 x 30 minute lessons.

Grades 4-6

10 x 45 minute lessons.

Grades 7-12

5 x 55 minute lessons.