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What Cubelets kit is right for me?

If a budget friendly option is the priority…
The Cubelets Curiosity Set is popular with library Makerspaces. It comes with enough Cubelets for 2-4 students working together to build a variety of different robots. Purchase an extra battery with your Curiosity Set, and you can have up to 8 students building robots! This pack also comes with a Bluetooth Hat, which gives your students the option of adding coding to their robot creations. If you would like to have more students working with Cubelets, the Brilliant Builder Pack is also a great addition to any Makerspace! Purchase this kit with two extra batteries, and you can expand your Cubelets corner to have up to 12 students working with the robot blocks at once.

Want more Cubelets?
We also have four different educator packs for grades K-12 that teachers and librarians can choose from! All educator packs are listed on our website at 25% off retail price, and were designed based on feedback from educators.

The Mini Makers pack was designed with young learners in mind, though it works for older students, too. This pack contains more Sense and Action Cubelets – the perfect way to get started building robots! With enough Cubelets for 6 working robot groups and 8 Cubelets per group, the Mini Maker is the perfect addition to any classroom or Makerspace. Add 1-2 extra batteries, and you can increase the number of students who will be able to work with Cubelets at once.

The Creative Constructors pack is an excellent choice for 1st grade on up. It comes with enough Cubelets for 4 robot groups, depending on the combination of Cubelets you use. This set also introduces additional Think Cubelets, allowing your students to create more complex creations. The Creative Constructors PLUS Pack is designed for 6 student groups. For older students, the Bluetooth Hats that come with this educator pack allow for coding with the Cubelets App and our Blockly App.

The Inspired Inventors Mega Pack is the pack that has it all! A great choice for Makerspaces or schools who want to share Cubelets among multiple classrooms, this pack comes with enough Cubelets for 12 robot groups. Six storage tubs allow for easy division between classrooms, while the number of Cubelets gives educators the option of creating smaller robot groups and enhancing collaboration among students. The included Bluetooth Hats let students expand upon their robot creations, allowing them to program new behaviors in their robots using the Cubelets App or the Cubelets Blockly drag-and-drop coding application. With a total of 162 robot blocks, this colossal collection allows each robot group to have at least one of each type of Cubelet!

In addition to these kits, the Modular Robotics Educator Hub features 40+ hours of free lesson plans that were written with our three educator packs in mind.

Need more advice?

Are you a summer camp counselor, after-school program director, STEM coordinator, or other educator? Do you have other questions about what Cubelets kit is right for your educational purposes that aren’t addressed in this article? Feel free to reach out to the Education Team directly at We’ll be happy to work with you and figure out the perfect combination of Cubelets for your students!

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