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Robot kits like the GoPiGo and BrickPi are designed to give users a safe space to iterate and experiment with engineering, coding, and robotics. And that means they need to be just that: safe. That’s why we’re announcing the recall of the Dexter Industries Rechargeable Battery Packs, previously sold for the GoPiGo and BrickPi robots. The Dexter Industries Rechargeable Battery Packs have the potential to short circuit, causing them to overheat and posing a potential burn hazard. While there have only been a few instances of this issue, we want to make sure your homes and classrooms are safe even if your robots are in storage. We recommend that you immediately cease using the Dexter Industries Rechargeable Battery Packs, and have a professional safely dispose of them according to local laws. If you need help finding a disposal site, please click this link, ensure the battery type selected is “Nickel-metal Hydride” and enter your zip code to locate one near you. Modular Robotics is offering a free replacement battery pack to all affected by the recall. To sign up, visit the official battery recall site or contact our toll-free 24-hour hotline at 877-233-6859. In the meantime, GoPiGo and BrickPi robots are perfectly safe to use with traditional AA batteries (standard or rechargeable). Once again, if you have a Dexter Industries Rechargeable Battery Pack, please register  at the official battery recall site or contact 877-233-6859. You will automatically be eligible to receive a replacement battery pack after registering. This recall only pertains to the Rechargeable Battery Pack sold with the GoPiGo and BrickPi robots, and does not affect any other Dexter robots or Cubelets robot blocks.