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Introducing Cubelets Console.

Meet Console, the newest way to craft with code and do more with Cubelets robot blocks! Console is a free web app that you can use to see the data that controls Cubelets, change how Cubelets behave with the touch of a button, and code in either Blockly or C.

What are Cubelets?

They’re robot blocks

Cubelets are the only toy that uses Tactile Coding to help builders of nearly any age explore robotics, coding, and more. Uniquely designed, they are little bundles of software inside little bundles of hardware. As you build a robot, you learn to build a program. It’s a fun and fascinating way to introduce big ideas through play.

For building big imaginations

By harnessing their natural curiosity, Cubelets have helped thousands and thousands of children learn vital skills. More than just coding; Cubelets help teach foundational behaviors like problem-solving, persistence, and communication while building robots!

Watch to learn more…

Check out the Getting Started Guide for an in-depth look at how to build robot constructions with Cubelets.

Who are Cubelets for?

Nearly everyone

Because of Cubelets’ unique, easy-to-learn design, they inspire builders from Pre-K through university!

Across all skill levels

The skills learned with Cubelets scaffold, meaning the same robot blocks teach new lessons as builders move from beginners to masters.

In all sorts of places

A versatile and accessible learning tool, Cubelets captivate children in living rooms, classrooms, makerspaces, museums, camps, and even zoos!

Why play with Cubelets?

Engaging and intuitive play

Creating a bunch of robots with Cubelets is easy, intuitive, and most of all, entertaining. You’ve never built with blocks like these. Cubelets are just like building blocks, only smarter. They perfectly pair big lessons with big-time fun.

For teaching big ideas

Cubelets can be used to teach everything from design thinking to engineering, collaboration, complexity, math, and more. Even advanced ideas like abstract modeling, systems thinking, and emergence can be explored with these simple robot blocks.

Like computational thinking

Computational thinking is a problem-solving process that helps you break down problems into smaller parts, so you can create a solution that can be repeated over and over.

A unique method for building a strong foundation

By focusing on Computational Thinking, Cubelets builders learn the theories behind using data to solve problems before the semantics of programming.

Start screen-free to practice Tactile Coding and learn programming fundamentals through play.

Boost your software tinkering skills using Personality Swap™.

Graduate to coding with Blockly, a drag-and-drop visual programming language.

Cubelets apps take you further

Find new ways to play and learn by downloading the Cubelets Apps.

Cubelets in Education

Why educators love Cubelets

Thousands of educators rely on Cubelets to enhance lessons of all kinds to students of all ages. They’re the perfect tool for inspiring inquiry into STEM, computational thinking, coding, and more.

There’s no substitute for playing with Cubelets

We know you’re going to love Cubelets; that’s why we proudly offer educators a free review kit. Take Cubelets for a 30-day test drive. Request your Review Kit today.

Creative Constructors PLUS

Teach with a bundle of our best selling Cubelets robot blocks designed to support six learning groups. Tackle the basics and then easily step up to computational thinking and coding lessons for users of all ages and all skill levels.

The Hub

You’ve got the robot blocks, now get the support to launch you to new heights. Find free lesson plans, implementation guides, online training, printables, administrator look-fors and more.

Cubelets at Home

Cubelets Discovery Set

Take home the teaching toy that helps thousands and thousands of kids explore big ideas through play. Cubelets Discovery Set is your ticket to easy, at-home creative play and robot construction.

Cubelets Curiosity Set

Play with the most popular mix of Cubelets for inspiring kids to explore computational thinking and other big ideas. Cubelets Curiosity Set is the perfect bundle for deeper learning with robot blocks.

Create with Cubelets

Get more out of your Cubelets with a series of tutorial-style videos and robot builds. Follow along to learn the essentials of building with Cubelets and practice some of the big ideas behind better thinking.

Help and support

Knowledge base

Find answers to our most commonly asked questions about Cubelets robot blocks. Explore a catalog of answers for everything from charging to cleaning, troubleshooting, apps, and more.

Contact Customer Support

Have you encountered a question or concern with Cubelets? Our friendly support team is here to help you with any Cubelets queries.

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Product Recall

Modular Robotics announces recall of Dexter Industries Rechargeable Battery Packs. To learn more about the product, which was sold as an accessory for GoPiGo and BrickPi robots, visit the recall home page. Cubelets users are not affected by this recall.

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